We design and deliver health and wellbeing solutions that move the health dial of your organisation.

Engaging Programmes

Tailored to your people, culture and organisation. Designed to optimise engagement and participation.

Measurable Outcomes

Using a comprehensive suite of tools to measure, monitor and report on your defined programme outcomes.

Simple Pricing

Simple approach to pricing that provides confidence and clarity. We will develop the best possible solution for your budget.

Step Forward

Enjoy a tailored health solution that's simple, effective and measurable.
We work with your team and key stakeholders to design a solution that delivers. Working together, we choose metrics that are important to your organisations' health.
Is workplace engagement important?
Is a healthy and productive workforce important?
Is the health and safety of your workforce important?
To drive your internal health and well-being, we will design a solution that delivers.

A deep dive to establish key themes that form the foundation of the solution.
A turn-key solution designed from discovery themes and insights.
Measured execution and delivery of the custom solution.
A feedback loop that ensures improvement and relevance.


Visionstream Managing Director, Andrew Todd (Toddy), provides a fascinating insight to the way he views his investment in his people. It's leaders like Toddy that understand and can quantify the value of investing in employee health and well-being.

Our clients

Meet the Team

We have an extensive network of highly qualified health and wellness specialist that cover all facets for health and well-being. Our team is led by;

Gareth O'donnell
Gareth is a passionate coach, teacher and fitness freak with a love for sharing knowledge.
Jay Harrison
Jay is a futurist with a passion for all things health, design, technology and artificial intelligence.
Vibeke O'donnell
Vibeke get's it done.
V is a dedicated Mum of two with a drive to inspire and help people.

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