A toolkit to support kiwi wellness for better business.

An innovative toolkit designed to improve the health and wellbeing of staff so they can excel in the workplace.


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Engaging programmes, dynamic content and measurable outcomes

We design and deliver health and wellbeing programmes, activations, and solutions that genuinely improve the health of your organisation.

We've got your back

Our passion is creating awesome organisations by helping people to be the best they can be. This means we focus on the people who make up your organisation and provide personalised wellness solutions based on their unique needs.

Focus on what's important

Bring the culture of your business into focus through a tailored health and wellbeing initiative that really makes a difference.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Get a real-time view of your

organisations health

You can see how well your team are right now with accurate measurements and reports on the four foundations of health: 

  • Lifestyle

  • Basic blood panels

  • 3d imagery health metrics

  • Mental health

Measurable Outcomes.png

Mental, medical and physical health data

Key health risk insights can be highlighted in each domain.

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How To Get Started

Transform the overall health and wellbeing of your business with WellMe.

1 Discover.png


We ask the right questions to uncover key themes that will form the foundation of your


2 Design.png


Based on that discovery, we design a solution that will achieve your goals in a S.M.A.R.T. way.

3 Deliver.png


Awesome begins! We begin delivery of your customised solution. The best part? Everything gets measured.

4 Develop.png


Like a lot of things, if we’re not improving, we’re not moving forward. We continuously improve our delivery with an open feedback loop.

Our programs and tech are helping over 7,800 employees to:

Lose Weight

Feel Great

Increase Energy

Improve Mood

Be More Productive

Achieve Better Sleep

Balance Blood Sugar

Improve Metabolism

Some Of Our Clients

These organisations use WellMe health and wellbeing solutions to achieve awesome.

VS Logo.png

We've been working together for a few years now. Here's what some of the Visionstream team have seen from using our health and wellbeing solutions

Vanessa - Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.03.24

"It’s been incremental change throughout the business... more water bottles on desks and more discussion about nutrition, health and well-being."


Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Manager

Shaun - Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.13.19_e

"We covered everything from mindset to mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing. The seminars and the challenges, they were awesome!"


Procurement & Strategic Partnerships

Janine - Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.09.38_

"I wake up better, a bit more energy in the mornings. It’s set my mindset on it becoming more of a life change instead of temporary goals."


Customer Service Rep

"There’s been totally different mindset throughout my entire team. We used to eat a lot of KFC for lunch, that’s completely changed."

Filipina - Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.16.5


M&P Team Leader

"I thought I had a healthy diet to start with but under the guidance, it showed me lots of things I was eating and applying to food that I shouldn’t have."

Carol - Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.06.32.p


Health & Safety Advisor

"There’s been a positive impact on my team. One of my guys, in particular, has lost 15 kgs."

Jacob - Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.15.59.p


Network Delivery Manager


General Manager

Andrew provides a fascinating insight into the way he views his investment people. Leaders like this understand and quantify the value of investing in employee health and well-being.

It’s Not Just About The Money

The return on investment is reason enough to get moving. However, much more than that, you’ll realise that having an awesome organisation is actually about:

A more engaged workforce

People who are happier while at work

An improved company culture

People who want to work for you

Employees who go home and actively share what they’re doing at work


“This is about caring for our staff and being a good employer. Well employees are good employees.”


General Manager, Rapid Labels

Friends Of WellMe

Meet The Team

WellMe is an extensive network of highly qualified health and wellness specialists that cover all facets for health and well-being. The team is led by:

Gareth O'Donnell

Gareth is a passionate coach, teacher and fitness freak with a love for sharing knowledge.


Vibeke gets it done. She is a dedicated mum of three with a drive to inspire and help people.


Vibeke O'Donnell

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