Welcome to your 30-day health challenge

During this challenge, your team will learn more about themselves and each other than ever before.

Welcome to your 30 Day Health Challenge

ShaeWellness30 is designed to deliver a precise and powerful kickstart, reset, or booster relevant to all levels of health.

With genetically-accurate nutrition and lifestyle recommendations customised for each unique employee, the ShaeWellness30 creates a fun, educational, and engaging wellness experience for each individual and the entire workplace from Day 1.

Staff Wellness

by delivering personalised food, exercise and lifestyle advice

Engaged Employees

creating a health literate team who feel better from the inside-out

Happy Relationships

friendly competitions and team challenges at the core

Positive Culture

supporting all your staff to return to a fun and engaging workplace

Team Dynamics

conscious discussions, meaningful connection and team bonding

Healthy Results

driving results through rewards, incentives, games and activities

Are you ready for a healthy, happy and engaged workplace?

Powerful Science. Guaranteed Results.

ShaeWellness30 is a fully automated wellness program, scientifically proven to help your employees improve their health outcomes, create new healthy habits, and look & feel better in just 30 days. Results guaranteed.

Complete wellness support is delivered each day via:

Shae™ Virtual Health Coach

Meal & Snack Planner

Grocery Shopping List

Movement Plans

Energy Booster Tips

Lifestyle Insights

Productivity Scheduler

Performance Reminders

Daily Motivation

Personalised Notifications

Your business is only as healthy as those who run it

When you choose to see your staff as unique human beings – who are giving their precious time to you in return for your support – you quickly realise that when each person feels seen, valued, and supported, your workplace magically aligns and your business grows.

Now is the time to help your staff

Feel loved, valued, and appreciated

Feel passionate, excited, and happy

Feel part of the mission, vision, and journey

Love working for your company again

When you help your staff, you receive

Improved loyalty and staff morale

Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

Reduced injury and disease claims

Improved productivity and performance

Reduced stress and associated costs

Improved job satisfaction and fulfillment

Improved health and wellness outcomes

Give your valued team the acknowledgement and support they deserve

Be The First In New Zealand

We invite you, the innovators and early adopters, the forward-thinking business leaders who would like to know more about how this will change the way you do business. Talk to Gareth now to learn:

  • How the science works,

  • How we activate the challenge with a human touch, and

  • How it dramatically improves your people, culture, learning and development and health and wellbeing.


Here's a sample of what you can expect:

The results for Yellow’s WellMe journey are showing a seismic shift in the business and culture of Yellow. 

Tracey Taylor

Chief Experience Officer - Yellow

30 Days to a Healthy & Happy Workplace

A healthy team is a happy team. A happy team is a productive team. And a happy team likes you, likes each other, and will stick around.

We offer ShaeWellness30 for this very reason. To help your team re-engage and get healthy, happy, and enjoy coming to work. We know it works.

Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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