BioScore Health Testing

BioScore aggregates health data into one global metric to help individuals and organisations make informed decisions about their health and well-being.


The world's first, personal health score, in real time.


Our proprietary technology aggregates health data into a personal health score. We call this your BioScore.

BioScore measures the four foundations of health: lifestyle, basic blood panels, 3d imagery health metrics, and mental health.

As a business leader, you can see how well your team are doing, right now.

Essential Health Assessment

The goal of any workplace place is to take care of staff, reduce injury and illness, and improve health and wellbeing. Our technology allows you to see the health of your organisation and employees to be able to see and improve their BioScore.

It's a comprehensive health assessment.


Biometrics that look at body composition, fat free mass, waist-to-hip-ratio, BMI, over 400 body measurements, body shape wellness scoring with cloud reporting, blood pressure, resting heart rate and lung function and psychology (Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Happiness).

We have the ability to use the results from an organisations assessment to effect positive health outcomes, such as chronic pain & injury through to health baseline measures like blood pressure, body fat percentage, general quality of life and more.

BioScore Example
BioScore Example
BioScore Example

A Comprehensive

Health Assessment

BioScore goes beyond the basic biometric assessments in the baseline health assessment. It also includes biochemistry markers such as Cholesterol, Liver function, C-reactive protein for inflammatory markers and fasting insulin. These markers are imperative to maintaining a healthy body.

​We use this information to empower people to take positive steps towards becoming a better version of themselves.


The key step after these health assessments is a regular follow-up clinic, either in person or online, to ensure people are working most effectively toward their goals.

We have entered a new era in workplace performance, and it begins with addressing each and every person's health.


Let's get started.

The Future Is Human

Imagine everyone in your organisation is using wearable tech. You have a live dynamic dashboard that shows how many steps on average people are doing, how much sleep they’re getting, and what their stress levels are.

Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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