Exercise Solutions

Time and time again, exercise has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful proactive health management tool available to us! But not everyone in your organisation can or wants to do “boot camp” or run a “half marathon”. 

Our exercise solutions and activations cover all formats of exercise that you find in any commercial gym.


WellMe can run everything from the ground up to a commercial gym model, depending on the level of investment that your company wants to put in and aligned with health and wellness goals that we’ve agreed on achieving.

We have teams in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington who deliver our exercise solutions.

Multiple studies have shown that employers who invest in their employees health increases the productivity levels of their workers.

Drop in studios

We can build gym facilities on site, even in unused car-parking space like we did at Visionstream!


Staff really appreciate the added value this provides; not having to stop at a private gym elsewhere on their way to from work.

Portable gym solutions

With ease and efficiency, the GymBox moves around the city providing a variety and fitness activities for your organisation.


And we’re off! Throwing a punch, touching their toes, lifting a weight, squeezing a grip, completing a push-up - the energy is palpable, the sweat is flying, we’re feeling the burn. Instructors are there lending a hand and everyone’s getting on board.

GymBox being used in Auckland for Redbull


Dave Letele aka Brown Buttabean 


"I started my program to help motive people on their weight-loss journey. In February 2014, I weighed in at 210kg. I was depressed and hated my life and the body i was trapped in.


In less then a year, I managed to lose 100kg and have maintained my weight ever since. I did this the old fashioned way, with training techniques and nutritional advice that I picked up over the years through rugby league, and boxing. 


My BBM primary programmes consist of the weekly Bootcamps and an intensive 12-week course are all about motivating you by sharing my journey and everything i know works. If i can do it, anyone can. No Excuses! 

Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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