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We are a proactive health management company with a passion to help Kiwis and are here to challenge the 'norm' of a workplace culture and environment. 


Our mission is to address the wellbeing of employees across all industries. We go beyond the traditional token health and wellness approach because we understand that wellbeing is a learned behaviour that requires time and attention.

We don't tell people how to better themselves - we show them. We focus on supporting people and providing them with the tools they need to feel better and be better.

We want to help companies take care of their people. Our aim is for the language of health and wellbeing to become commonplace across the companies we work with.

As individuals work towards their own goals and achieving wellness, not only does productivity increase exponentially, but company culture transforms into one of connectivity and positivity.


People who are healthier are happier and a company filled with healthy and happy people can only be heading in one direction. Forward.

Coach: G
Health Type: Crusader
Qualification: Exercise Physiology, NLP Meta-Coach, Sleep Coach, Holistic Nutrition, ph360 Epigenetic Coach.
Domain: Sleep / Movement / Wellbeing
Blurb: CEO of Wellme, dedicated father of three and proactive health specialist. I spent 18 years mastering my craft in the NZDF and fitness industry before jumping into corporate health. My greatest results have always come from prioritising a holistic health model of coaching. I’m a big fan of All Blacks philosophy of practising your basics, doing often and doing them well. We can apply this to your sleep, nutrition, exercise or mindset and you will guarantee long term health wellbeing success.
Phone: 021 557 775
Coach: Vibeke O'Donnell
Health Type: Diplomat
Qualification: Ph360 Health Coach, Change Coach, Wellme COO and Group Fitness Instructor
Domain: Resilience / Addiction / Gratitude / Mindfulness
Blurb: My name is Vibeke and I am a busy mum of three kids who has a desire to take care of my own family along with the health of other people. I aim to motivate people to live in their best light and appreciate how challenging it can be to balance all areas of one's life. I believe everyone should have access to health and have the opportunity to live a healthy and balanced life. My life experiences meant I have an understanding of what it means to come from an unhealthy place both inside and out to making changes to live a life that means I feel well both mentally, physically and spiritually.
Phone: 021 557 075
Coach: Aimee Turner
Health Type: Activator
Qualification: Diploma in Applied Clinical Nutrition 2006, Certified Life & Health Coach, ph360 Epigenetic Coach
Domain: Personalised Nutrition / Stress Empowerment & Wellbeing / Weight Confidence / Lifestyle Habits Enhancer / Behavioural Change
Blurb: Welcome! I’m Aimee Turner, mum of two beautiful kids, previously a corporate high achiever, I resigned from the corporate management role to live more in balance with my priorities and passion. I own ‘Be Health Wise’; offering digital coaching and consulting services specialising in personalised health, nutrition and wellbeing, personally & professionally.  My approach is very much ‘one part of your life will affect all other parts of your life; health, stress, wellbeing and thus the choices you make daily”, so once you understand that connection in your life, we can truly make changes in your daily habits, learn how to implement nutrition / lifestyle recommendations unique to you, let go of self-sabotaging habits, manage stress more effectively, reduce overwhelm, weight-loss, improve overall health, prioritise self- care in your schedule and more.  I LOVE taking you to the next level of implementing personalised recommendations to live your Best Self with ease. I am honoured to do this by partnering with amazing companies such as Edison & WellMe. I look forward to helping you.
Phone: 021 289 9189
Coach: Fiona McBryde
Health Type: Activator
Qualification: BSc in Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine), British College of Nutrition & Health Advanced Diploma in Nutrition, ph360 Epigenetic Health Coach
Domain: Nutrition / Mindfulness / Resilience
Blurb:  My name is Fiona.  I’m a nutritionist and work in the corporate wellness/learning & development space.

My approach to wellness is all about keeping it simple.  I also believe you are what you eat and think.

I stumbled across nutrition accidentally after I became quite sick.  There was no known remedy to my ills, so I decided to take things into my own hands and embarked on a nutrition course to aid my recovery.   That was 13 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Curious by nature, it further fuelled my passion to learn more about the body/mind connection and a holistic, personalised approach to wellness.

Phone: 021 140 2316

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Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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