Health Types

Epigenetics is the science of how genes are expressed and adapted over time, whether throughout a lifetime or passed on through generations.

ph360 epigenetics looks at how your environment affects your genes and your Phenotype is the end result of all the different gene activations that have occurred during your life.

Through the science of ph360, you will be able to establish what your health type is. Not only will you understand your biology better,  you’ll hopefully understand yourself better!

Cameron McDonald

There is always the difficult question of...what is ph360? Well, here is a relatively concise answer for you all.


It is about finding the best answer for every individual on the planet, and knowing that everyone is unique... simple enough

Overview of Health Types

Scientists have discovered that each of us has a unique code that lies deep inside our body, in-built into our DNA. It’s what is being called our Personal HealthCode™. Your Personal HealthCode™ is 100% unique to you. It’s actually a fancy name for your biological source code that connects with your genes, influences your organ function, determines your hormone levels and emotions, and even communicates with your mind.

Because there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, there are many of us with similar (yet unique) features and functions, and because each Personal HealthCode™ can fall into 1 of 6 regions on a chart, then we can collectively refer to people sharing similar biology and physiology as sharing a similar HealthType™.

The exciting thing is that we can now access our HealthType™ by doing the groundbreaking HealthType™ Test!

ph health types.png

Activator- The Wild Cat



Known as the "agile sprinter" this group of individuals are independent, adaptable, dynamic, competitive, energised and determined!


This group can be perceived by others as aggressive, loud and somewhat selfish. Operating in Theta wave, this group requires short attention span tasks to stay motivated and communication will be short and sweet.


They want to be able move onto the next thing and the desire to keep moving can be misinterpreted as impatience and intolerance. This health type needs room to run!


Connector- The Puppy Dog



These are people who will talk to anyone at any time with their main character trait being that they are friendly. They will always consider others before themselves. They are very helpful, available, loving and forgiving. They crave human interaction and contact.


This group can be seen to require extra reinforcement and may pass judgment on others who share alternate values to them. They may tend to disagree with others and get easily distracted.


They cross between Theta and Alpha wave. They’re an invaluable teammate and can manage multiple tasks at once. They need interaction to feel valued and feel safe. Never isolate a connector as it's detrimental to their health!


Guardian - The Bear



No group is more resilient, reliable and strong! With an easy going nature and a consistent work ethic, these people are very stable and dependable. They are always there to help!


A Guardian without people and causes to support can become lost and even come across lazy. Their tendency to be fearful and worrisome can mean they can be so slow to respond in circumstances.


This Alpha wave group, however, is rock solid when it comes to managing physical and mental stress! They love to be part of the group and look after those around them but are not always so good at putting themselves first!


Diplomat - The Buffalo



The forever steady buffalo are well balanced, enduring and reliable people. They have strong resilience, are very methodical in their approach, and are great organisers. Beta wave drives this group.,


When it comes to decision making they can be perceived as indecisive as they need time to think over things and don't often work well when plans change or spontaneous things happen! They can allow doubt and worry to sneak in and hold them back.


The Diplomat is a great problem solver when they have time to think over and figure out. They are very dependable in the workspace, getting on well with others and brilliant at mediating conflict!


Sensor - The Bird



The sensitive group more so as they operate fully in Beta wave and internalise their thoughts and feelings. Extremely focussed, determined, motivated, and ambitious. However, they don’t outwardly project this and keep their strong mindedness to themselves.. 


Can be misunderstood through their quiet demeanour but are very motivated to achieve success in what they are interested in. They may come across as cautious and controlling or somewhat fussy and moody. This group needs time to themselves.


They’re very system-based people and enjoy learning details with great discipline and consistency! They prefer to work by themselves and may need extra encouragement in a group or team situation.


Crusader- The Racehorse



This group is proud to be who they are and outwardly so! Very meticulous and detailed when it comes to their interests. Strong minded and goal focussed, this group will focus on the details more than the end result.


Running off Theta wave they can be perceived as impatient, skeptical, ridgid and even stubborn. They demand a lot themselves and thus expect others to be the same. Self orientated and misunderstood as selfish!


In groups, they will be all about the task rather than being tactful which means they can be prone to hurting other people’s feelings in their crusade to the end goal. Allowing them the freedom to run towards their goals and achieving is key!