Our Nutrition system focuses on metabolic health. We use simple techniques that have a fantastic impact on nutritional behaviour and human biochemistry to get the best health outcomes for all participants.

It is our mission to educate, inspire, and empower people to take ownership of their health and their lives. 

We've got two super powerful nutrition programs, Recal and ph360.

With each, your team get a comprehensive food database tailored to the individual in real time, ranking the best foods to eat for your unique body.

Metabolism refers to all the biochemical and hormonal reactions that takes place in the body to keep the organs and cells in optimal working order.


Recal is a personalised, weight loss and health optimisation protocol powered by science. If you have any high risk staff within your business we can turn on Recal and help those individuals get back to a healthy starting point.

Recal integrates structured fasting, a low carbohydrate, high fat or ketogenic nutrition format with movement, and behaviour change to treat, manage and optimise metabolic health.  

The benefits you can expect following Recal include;

  • Weight loss

  • Enhanced cognition

  • Enhanced metabolism

  • Enhanced immunity

  • Better energy

  • Improved sleep

  • Clear skin

  • And much much more.


One of the key objectives of the Recal protocol is to treat and enhance ‘metabolic health.' 

The condition of our metabolisms is often a key indicator of our total health. That is your metabolism can be ‘healthy’ or working for you, or it can work against you. 


Our approach to health must be expansive and systemic, and not fixate on only one or two aspects of cellular function. 


Only when the SYSTEM is healthy is metabolic health achieved. There are three primary illnesses related to improper metabolic health include insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes.  


Another solution we have is the ph360, the epigenetic program. The program is like it sounds, epic!


It's got so many different components and what's super cool is that it's personalised. When you think nutrition, or any health solution really, if you lose the element of personalisation you will lose attention and effectiveness.

ph360 is tailored to each individual and that keeps them engaged!


ph360 integrates scientific evidence from multiple fields of study around the world and cutting-edge technology into one powerful platform.

Epigenetics Health Type Report

Take a closer look at the depth of information you'll receive with your ph360 health type report:


We include all support services and assets required including a hub of content on nutrition, recipes and advice for a healthy lifestyle.

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