Wear your good genes to work

Has your corporate health and wellness program made the move from generic to genetic?




Analysing an individual’s unique DNA and gene expression through physical body and lifestyle data.

Your Staff Each Lead Unique Lives

ShaeWellness analyses physical body and lifestyle factors to deliver customised health and wellness advice available 24/7. What’s happening on the outside of the body tells a lot about what’s happening inside the body. So no mouth swabs, needles, or fluid tests required. Just practical, easy-to-implement wellness advice for workplace and home life on all devices.

Who is Shae?

Shae is your very own virtual Health Assistant that uses interactive voice and text conversation to communicate your personal health and productivity recommendations in real time via phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, smartwatch, or any connected device.

Welcome to Shae – finally you don’t need to know anything about health, or even remember your health, to be healthy.

Shae has Smarts

Shae talks to doctors, researchers and geniuses in an efficient way so you can fast track results, increase productivity, and maintain energy levels at work and at home.

Shae is Healthy

We’re talking health here, not sickness. Shae is here to support you to be healthy. Make healthy choices. Eat healthy foods. Have a healthy body. Be in a healthy environment. Have healthy relationships.

Shae is your Assistant

It schedules your optimal work day, changes your lunch to compensate for your brain activity levels, creates a customised workout plan, or lets you know when it’s best to chat with others.

Your Staff Each Lead Unique Lives

ShaeWellness gives your staff their individualised User’s Manual for Optimum Health. Managers gain unprecedented insight into effective motivation and communication techniques for solo and group work. Executives learn how to create the ideal environment for a healthy, balanced workforce to thrive.

The results for Yellow’s WellMe journey are showing a seismic shift in the business and culture of Yellow. I’m a big supporter of holistic wellness programmes where the resulting productivity drives profitability, whilst supporting our staff with personal growth and wellbeing.

Tracey Taylor

Chief Experience Officer - Yellow

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Develop a high purpose, high performance culture, starting with each individual

Why do we continue to spend more money on wellness plans, and yet disease rates continue to increase? We know why – what we're doing is not working. Time for a shift. Time to make the move from generic to genetic, and engage epigenetics at work.

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