the S.L.E.E.P.S. acronym tool sleep performance coaching uses to
support the improvement of sleep quality



  • Is your duration enough?

  • Are you sleeping with your natural clock (chronotype)?

  • How many times do you wake during the night?



  • Are you over-exposed to white light?

  • How much EMF (phones, laptops) do you expose yourself to and does this affect your sleep latency?

  • Can you tune down the lights in your home, is your room dark enough?


  • What temperature is your bedroom?

  • Do you use any cooling strategies prior to sleep such as hot showers to open pores, air conditioning or fans?

  • Is there good airflow in the room?

  • What about noise - does your partner snore?

Eat and drink:

  • Are you over-stimulating with coffee?

  • Is that red wine affecting your sleep quality?

  • Are you drinking water too late in the day?

  • Is your body receiving enough nutrients to generate enough sleep hormones?


  • Are your blankets appropriate for the season?

  • Are your pillows set to the right height for your body?

  • Is your mattress working for you mechanically?

  • Do you use your phone for an alarm?



  • Are you getting enough activity during the day?

  • Do you have effective stress management strategies?

  • Have you got things to look forward to?

  • Have you planned enough me-time?

Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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