Stress Less

Why a stress management program?

Health goes far beyond our physical body and the food we put in it. It starts with our thoughts and emotions. The mind is the most powerful resource a body has!
Stress Less, the Four Walls of Mental Health

The mind and body are keystones to our overall health.


Every year, millions of people take a proactive approach to physical health. They may see a primary care physician for an annual physical or pursue health screenings for a variety of potential illnesses.


Intuitively, we should take the same proactive approach when it comes to our mental wellness. Yet, we tend to neglect the critical role it plays in our lives.

A workshop series tailored to meet client needs identified during initial mental health reports. Sessions are 90 minutes and can be run to any group size.

Tune into your mental health.

Mental wellness is an integral part of our overall health. We can take a reactive approach to support crisis moments, or we can proactively seek to identify the problems and work toward long-term solutions.

However, we must first understand the signs and symptoms and know when to call a professional.

The Stress Less program is one of our most popular programs. Participants enjoy the opportunity to target specific mental challenges that individuals and organisations face. The program is so impactful, it’s where we start when working with new organisations.

The Stress Less lab serves two purposes;


  1. We build trust and rapport with people and help them identify when moments that initiate a stress response

  2. We train participants with solutions and strategies to work through this stress response and ‘find themselves’


We get emotional buy in from individuals, that what we're doing is meaningful and it's going to help them, support their mental health, their mental wellness. The environment created is one built on trust and rapport.

Programme Design

Stress Less is based on the Te Whare Tapa Whā model, which looks at the four dimensions of wellbeing.


Like with every coach-coachee relationship, we take the time and earn buy-in to coach each individual. The coach-coachee relationship is best described as a partnership, one in which both sides work together to reach an agreed-upon destination. Having your employees’ best interests at heart allows us to break through mental barriers and help to develop confidence, trust and even friendship.


We provide wrap-around services with the Stress Less program, with posters, stickers, gifts and incentives given along the way.

In 2018, we have added ongoing support. 

When we run a big, impactful seminar, we want to create long-term behaviour change. To help achieve this, we are developing a video series delivered digitally through SMS. As SMS is the most engaging tool, people will quite often click on a link and watch a video - much more so than what they would if sent to an email. We're using this as an ongoing support tool, digital learning programs.

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