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A match made in heaven; the combination of right time, right place and right people. Yellow have been going through significant organisational change and have partnered with WellMe to develop a high purpose environment.

Chief Experience Officer - Yellow


Tracey leads customer experience at Yellow through a combination of brilliance and boss-lady charisma. She ensures Yellow has a market-leading people and culture strategy, whilst also maintaining laser focus on continuous improvement of our customer experience, from first point of contact right through to seamless service delivery.

Tracey Taylor

"Yellow’s mission to foster productivity through organisational change

It’s almost inevitable that companies going through significant change will experience a shake-up in staff culture as a result; this was certainly the case when I joined Yellow a year ago.


It was once a large, iconic corporate with a monopoly in New Zealand’s print directory scene, but Yellow’s world began a transformation two decades ago with the birth of start-up-turned-tech giant, Google.


In that time the business transformation of Yellow has been nothing short of extraordinary – and it’s safe to say I’ve witnessed some truly brave and strategic business thinking from a savvy digital marketing group that has taken on an entirely new culture as a result.


The internal culture of a company operating in a ‘business as usual’ mode is a starkly different one on a new mission, with new goals on the horizon. What that horizon looks like can change monthly, sometimes even daily – uncertainty is one of the challenges we factor in when we plan for building a supportive culture for our people at Yellow.


People who are in constant change need good support that encompasses mind, body and spiritual wellness. This is why wellbeing is a key pillar of our people and culture strategy at Yellow, it’s also a core part of our business plan. Late last year, we engaged WellMe – a Kiwi owned business, just like the everyday customers we love and live for – to guide us on this wellbeing journey.


Starting with a trail with a small group of staff, we found that actually a lot of the stress our people were dealing with was not actual ‘work’ but life in general. Through our partnership with the WellMe team, we are now delivering  a programme of modules that help our staff be better humans in all facets of their lives, so they can bring their whole self to work.


The modules we’ve kicked off:

Mindfulness, conflict and communication, time management, financial education, goal setting (and smashing), nutrition, team culture and how to create a performance mindset.

We asked our own people to cherry-pick topics that were most important to them, to help develop a year-long programme they could complete within business hours.


Research is clear that the happy and engaged workforce resulting from workplace wellness programmes take  56 per cent fewer sick days and see a boost in productivity by 62 per cent. This results in a bonus of increasing top line revenue and decreasing bottom line expenses. According to a UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey, nearly 60% of employees with access to a company wellness programme say the initiative has made a positive impact on their health.  (United Healthcare).  A further study found that participation in a wellness programme increased average worker productivity by over 5% - roughly equivalent to an additional day of productive work per month for the average employee. (Science Daily)


The results for Yellow’s WellMe journey are showing a seismic shift in the business and culture of Yellow. I’m a big supporter of holistic wellness programmes where the resulting productivity drives profitability, whilst supporting our staff with personal growth and wellbeing."

Yellow are transforming into a fully tailored epigenetic workplace...

Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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