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Start 2019 like a champion by joining the WellMe Health Upgrade!


The WellMe Health Upgrade is going to be EPIC! We’ve rammed more toys than a toy box into a 6-week mindset, exercise and nutrition programme.


Commencing 23rd February 2019, you will be coached by our awesome team while having access to our full health and wellbeing toolkit - for a fraction of the cost.


From the 23rd February, we are hosting workouts at the GymBox on Curren Street. We invite you to come down and check out the program.



Then, to begin your Health Upgrade, we will take you through the health testing protocol and booking system. You will also need to complete your PAR-Q form for training (a.k.a your Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)


We need the following information from each participant for health and safety and to get your t-shirt size.


Your Journey

Build your tribe! Grab your workmates, sign up now and get ready for your private launch. The project commences 29th January 2019 - sign up now to secure you spot and get ready for lift off.

Onboard - The onsite launch will provide a detailed overview of the programme and the scheduling in conjunction with the Recal nutrition workshop. Fit3d screens will run throughout the week at the Edison clinic in Parnell and training programme tutorials will be running at Tepid Baths.

Mindset - Join the facebook page for rammed schedule of wrap-around support: How to stay motivated, training tips, recovery tips, live Q&A and not to mention our open Saturday workshops down at Westhaven Marina.

Movement - Every week will contain one private group trainer session at Tepid Baths that focuses on the technical aspects of movement. Alternate days we'll be down at the Wellme GymBox creating a fitness festival from sun up to sun down with two workout areas, onsite coffee and plenty of parking.

The Final Wrap - The wrap-up will consist of re-testing your health baselines to provide your individual health reports. We'll be giving away prizes for the most attendance, individual company MVPs, and spots prizes down at the GymBox final Saturday.


Let us know you're keen and we'll prepare you for a huge health shift!

You'll receive access to early bird pricing and updates of the Health Upgrade, including teasers from the WellMe health coaching team. 


We’re so confident that, if you don't get your desired results, we’ll give your money back! 

p.s. If you'd like more info contact Gareth at any time!

p.p.s. If you're ready to book, pay for your Health Upgrade here


How much does it cost?

Group rate

Single entry

$399 each

$499 each

Individual and group payments can be made by credit card, PayPal or bank deposit.

Company sponsored teams can be issued invoice upon request. 

All payments must be paid in full before program start date.

More info

Frequently asked questions

What is the Health Upgrade?

We've assembled the best team of health professionals to guide you through a health journey that has been specifically designed to re-connect you with nature, your body, your nutrition along with building new friendships. This also includes a new friendship with yourself! The health improvements you'll get will be unlike what you've ever experienced before. We are all super excited to be working with you and can't wait to give you an AWESOME health experience.

What is the start date & duration?

The Health Upgrade starts on Saturday 23rd of Feb, with the first GymBox sessions and welcome day down at the outdoor Fitness Hub. This is our Launch date and you will receive your pack on this date. The programme will run for the following 6 weeks, with the last session being Sat 6th April.

What are the locations and is parking available?

The Gymbox Fitness Hub: The activation area is located at 105 Curran Street, WestHaven Marina. Street parking is available and there are public toilets on the other side of the Harbour Bridge - a team member can point these out for you.
Tepid Baths is located at 100 Custom Street West, Auckland. Parking is available in the Downtown Carpark at a cost of - 0-1 hours $4.50 1-2 hours $9 We encourage you to run, walk, use public transport, an Onzo bike or lime scooter to get to these locations.

What does Health Testing/On-Boarding include?

Health Testing is available at the Outdoor Fitness Activation Hub. Book yours at

  • select 'The Health Upgrade'
  • then 'Book a Service - Health Testing etc'
There are four components to the health testing; blood glucose, blood pressure, a basic mental health assessment and a Fit3D scan. Your 3D health report will be available to you within 12 minutes, all on your own private dashboard! Take a look at this post to see it in action: All participants must complete the health screen and on-boarding process in order to get sign off to move through the upgrade.

What are the equirements for Blood Testing and Fit3D?

• You must be fasted beforehand • No coffee or stimulants • Active wear or fitted underwear must be worn • Hair must be off shoulders, bring hair tie • No jewellery or bagging undergarments must worn All information is private and strictly confidential. Please be aware that if you are working out prior to testing, it will need to be a fasted session so bring something to snack on after your testing. Fasting is only required for the blood component so if, for any medical reasons, you can’t fast prior to the test this will be noted against your test as it can impact your blood sugar levels.

How do I make a booking?

To book your Health Testing-

  • Please visit:
  • Select 'Book a Service'
  • Look for the green square to select times ( Saturday 9.30-12pm)
  • Select your time ( 15 minute slots)
We have an open booking schedule for the Upgraders to use and secure there training slots and morning, lunch. These will be for your GymBox Hub Sessions. To book your training slots-
  • Please visit:
  • Head into the Health Upgrade location
  • Select 'Book a Class'
  • Choose one of the GymBox sessions - the Quickfit ones are lunchtime sessions
  • The green box will show you a space available to book
  • Click through and complete your booking
  • Repeat for following classes
Saturday Wellness talks can also be booked by visiting: Head into ‘Book a class’ to book your space!

What are the free Wellness Talks?

This programme is about body, mind and soul and we're making them available free to the public. Our in house guest speakers will be sharing all of practical health tools that we use to inspire organisations and shift mindsets to form new beliefs and behaviours designed to improve your motivation, resilience and consistency with your health programme.

Training programmes and Tepid Baths information

During your Health screening you will select your programme of: 1. Core and Structural Balance 2. Strength 3. Fitness 4. Mobility You will also be asked what time slot at the Tepid Baths you would like to attend. 1,2,3 or 4pm. What time you commit too will be your set time for the upgrade. This will be your Mon and Wed session. This is where the Tepid’s Crew will be taking you through a coached session. The 6-week pass to Tepids is part of your Health Upgrade. You can access the gym and/or facilities at any time. If you have another Gym membership you can also complete your programme there.

Social Coaching:

Each week, to help keep you focused on your goals and supported in the journey, the Wellme coaching team will guiding you through weekly social coaching schedule. Tune in at 12-12.30pm daily to see the latest content drop across whole spectrum of health. For this, visit/join/follow the Wellme Health Upgrade Facebook page: We would love that you tag us via Insta so make sure you use @wellmenz #wellmemovement #healthupgrade #kiwiwellness as some of your handles.


You will receive the Recal nutrition manual the week prior to the upgrade starting. This is your eating guide for the programme. Sean, our chief Nutritionist, will be available for live Q&A every Wednesday, 12-12.30, for any and all queries or questions.

Bring a Friend:

Anyone interested in participating in trying the health upgrade can fill out a PAR-Q form online and can rock up for free GymBox session on us!!! Here's the form for them to complete:

Support: We’ve got your back!

At any time, you can contact us via the website live chat function. Altertnately you can contact Vibeke at for any admin based queries. If your question is in regards to the programme you can contact Coach G on 021 557 775.


Our goal is simple - to improve the lives of Kiwis at work.

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