Workstation Health

Born from a passion for movement, healthy living and a balanced lifestyle, the Workstation Health program, delivered by Move to Live, will help your team reduce injury, be more active and become more efficient individuals

Move well, live well.


By taking a proactive view on posture and mobility, we will enhance your team's physical health, fitness and quality of life through education and a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment & treatment.


Our practical approach, functional exercises and user-centric resources will educate and empower your team to maintain levels of health and wellbeing.

Question: how do you have better posture?

Answer: have better posture!

Long term healthy behaviour change

Embedding long term healthy behaviour change is the goal of all companies we work with. In order to influence human behaviour, we have to first get emotional buy in.


In our experience you need to allow the following:

  • 6-8 weeks lead in time for promotional purposes,

  • High impact on-sites for wow factor to motivate and shift of mindset,

  • some degree of personalisation while still remaining scalable,

  • identified champions to maintain the practices long term

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Your team will learn the ins and outs of how to have a great posture, including the benefits, inside a very tactile and practical program. 

Programme Design

We enhance your physical health, fitness and quality of life through education and comprehensive physiotherapy assessment & treatment. Our hands-on approach and functional exercise will educate and empower you to maintain levels of health and wellbeing long after your injury subsides.

The rigours of sitting for a living degrade the body over time. The Fit2sit programme is specially designed for the corporate office worker.


This programme provides the education, tools and behaviours essential for improving postural health and awareness to combat the long-term effects of sitting.


Learn2lift is a programme designed for businesses that have manual lifting requirements. This programme is especially beneficial for organisations with ageing workforces.


We focus on best lifting practices, muscle activation and core stability coaching to reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity.


This is our educational and practical based launch pad. We believe in the All Blacks ethos that if you do the basics well and practice them often you get the right result!


In this seminar employees will learn the framework and all the tools they need to get started on improving their mechanical health.

Humanomics Seminar

Group facilitated self-care class. Participants will learn the latest trigger point release techniques and muscle activation exercises to prevent injury.

Mobility Classes

Every company has individuals that need extra assistance. 1-1 sessions significantly reduce the risk of further injury and aid the participant's use of best practice.

1-1 Rehab Coaching



Workstation Health is lead by Lucy and Graham and, again, we include all the support services and assets required including a collection of instructional videos.

The assets include posters and prompts around photocopying areas, high traffic volume areas, with cards that promote an improved change of behaviour available to take away